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What an interesting book! We are all supposed to be experts. But I have certainly learnt a lot…not least what coffee, brussel sprouts and asparagus have in common (page XX reveals this little known etiquette), as well as a better understanding of the male anatomy (I always wondered why I enjoyed something some regard as taboo), and of the female (if more pleasure can be given then I’d love to give it).

The why-something-works always helps my motivation and skill: sex is no different in this regard. Why smell matters; why post-coital equals seduction; where the blissful sensation of orgasm comes from……but, alas, not the answer to the ultimate question: why do men have nipples!

And the advice starts at the beginning with preening and cleaning, meeting places, chat-up lines that work (stick to the straight forward and avoid the search for the silver bullets: they are all dud), reading body language, and seduction; before getting down to the foreplay, finding the spot, coitus, oral, anal and a splendid array of “erotica”. The difficult areas of dysfunction, disease and abuse are not ducked and the referral list is comprehensive.

The entire book is presented in a non-judgemental way: refreshing in a society smothered by rules. Choose from the banquet the dishes you feel like today: this is not about right and wrong, but the sexual pallet which changes from day to day.

We are surrounded by images of sex in magazines, on film and in adverts, but so much of it seems to miss the point. Sex is a set of sensations, and an emotional trip and an exploration of self. This book can help you reach parts you did not know you had. Dip in and dip out. Choose a recipe. Or read cover to cover. Separately or together

For many, this will be a very personal read: curl up in your favourite place and enjoy a good cuddle. Then eat, drink and be merry. No one is recorded as having died having had too much sex!

January 2003, and A Lover’s Guide, 2005


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