This is my personal website, and everything on it is here to illustrate the breadth of my work.

I am an architect of change: my input has prompted organisations from think tanks to businesses, governments and the International Olympic Committee to change their whole approach.

I’ve slowly but surely learnt that if we really want to improve our lives and the world we live in, then politics and the way governments work have to change very significantly first. 

Read on if you’re curious to hear more.

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Talks and Lectures

Stand & Deliver: How consultancy skills and systems thinking can make government work

Why, I wondered, do governments fail so regularly – judged both by our expectations and by the intentions of the elected politicians? Or, to put it more softly by a reviewer of my book: ‘The author addresses a deceptively simple question that has bedeviled generations of politicians and officials: Why does British government never work as effectively as we’d like it to?’…

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